Infected film
18 3月 2022

The irreplaceable power of pictures in presenting the state of heightened vigilance and the repressed social

atmosphere during pandemic preparedness. And this power, in the realm of expressive discourse, is instructive and

striking at all times, which can undoubtedly build exclusive connections with individuals.

The infinity of dialogue and perception takes place in the relationships between ‘existing’ and ‘being viewed’.

In photographs taken by Raymond Coyne in California during the Great Influenza of 1918, proponents of the

epidemic prevention policy wore signs on their clothing that read, “WEAR A MASK OR GO TO JAIL”. The

belligerents exercised a great deal of censorship of media coverage during this period and were reluctant to directly

report pictures and news from the pandemic to prevent lowering morale.

3rd April   London Gatwick – Minsk Belavia 

4th April   Minskn – PEK 国航


作品为回国路上和在隔离期间我使用中画幅胶卷相机Yashica-mat124G和过期黑白120胶卷ilford Delta3200/ ilford Delta400