Solitude and Coexistence
5 12月 2022

The project documents my solitude in familiar and unfamiliar spaces. I continually study the delicate balance of harmonious cohabitation between humans and space while taking self-portraits.

The piece, which draws inspiration in part from Alec Soth’s <Broken Manual>, the project shows the failure of hermits to escape from the city by seeking solace in the jungle and temples. Additionally, I learn about myself through my thoughts, meditations, and conversations with trees in the jungle.

Visually, lines and trees stand in for lengthy thought, allowing me to release my thoughts in an outward-facing position. Whether my posture and demeanor are conscious or not, I respect the inner thoughts and composition of the principle of balance.

To complete the work independently, I use a long shutter release of a large-format camera and the self-timer from the medium format film camera to shoot. Meanwhile, due to the characteristics of the large negative, the details I capture allow my traces in the space to be completely preserved.

Exhibition at 2023/03/27

Kingston University / Knights Park